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Czech hop production reached 6088 metric tonnes
and high quality

Central Institute for Supervising and Testing in Agriculture announced the final crop results.
In the Czech Republic, total hop crop 2011 reached 6087,8 metric tonnes (2010 - 7772 mt) and average yield 1,31 mt/ha (2010 – 1,49 mt/ha).

In the Saaz main hop growing region was total production 4556,2 mt (2010 - 5620 mt), i.e yield  1,30 mt/ha (2010 - 1,47 mt/ha), in Auscha hop growing region 648,8 mt (2010 - 903 mt), yield 1,24 mt/ha (2010 - 1,42 mt/ha) and Tirschitz hop growing region 882,9 mt (2009 - 1248,1 mt), yield 1,49  mt/ha (2008 - 1,68 mt/ha).

Crop years 2010 and 2011 are specificaly different. On the one hand, the crop 2011 has average character, althought also has high quality of contents on the other hand.

Crop decreased 1684 mt in comparison with 2010 and approximately four hundred metric tons beneath long term average. As well as last years, the highest part of czech hops was produced in Saaz hop growing region. The quality was the same in all three hop growing regions. Unfortunately, the moment before harvest fell down 150 ha of trellis with quality hops due to hail storms. It is expected that due to lower crop in comparison with 2010, will be gradually traded all production of 2011 crop.

Saaz variety

The best world fine aroma variety – Saaz reached production 5020,1 mt (84,5 %). There was 3883,5 mt harvested in Saaz hop growing region, yield 1,24 mt/ha (2010 - 4860 t, 1,43 mt/ha), Auscha 533,9 mt, yield 1,16 t/ha (2010 - 771 mt, 1,36 mt/ha) and Tirschitz 602,7 mt, yield 1,35 mt/ha (2010 - 938 mt 1,61 mt/ha).

Acreage of Saaz at the last twenty years is on lowest level and reach only 43 % compare with 1993. Nevertheless, 1,056 ha (200 ha in 2011) of new plants were realised for last five years. It is surely positive trend.

Other Czech varieties

The results of others are necessary evaluate alone base on their characteristics and regions. Second much cultivated variety by acreage is Premiant. Production reached 467,1 mt, and yield 1,86 mt/ha (2010 - 502,88 mt, 1,81 mt/ha). Next aroma czech variety is Sládek, reached 487,8,3 mt, yield 1,86m t/ha (2010 - 538,3 mt, 1,99 mt/ha). Total production of bitter variety Agnus is 84,8 mt, yield 1,65 mt/ha (2010 - 127 mt, 2,08 mt/ha). Premiant and Sladek varieties again reached balanced yield but with higher quality compared year ago.

Alpha acids content

SAAZ variety         4,0 %
Sládek                    7,9 %    
Premiant                 9,8 %
Agnus                     10,3 %

Despite of reduction acreage approximately 3.500 ha, the worldwide 2011 crop reached the same production in comparison with crop 2010. The main reasons are: slightly above average crop in Europe and average in USA. The minimum acreage was reduced in some countries such as in Germany.

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