Sladek Print
Hop resins
Total resins 20-23 % w.
Alpha-bitter acids 5-7 % w.
Beta-bitter acids 6-9 % w.
Cohumulone 25-30 % w.
Colupulone 45-50 % w.
Essential oils
Total oil 1,5-2,0 g/100 g
Myrcen 40-50 % rel.
2-undecanone 1,5-2,0 % rel.
Methyl-4-decenoate 1,0-1,5 % rel.
Beta-caryophyllene 7-11 % rel.
Alpha-humulene 20-30 % rel.
Beta-farnesene < 0,1 % rel.
Selinenes < 0,1 % rel.



Sladek - is characteristic by a high share of beta fraction and high yield potential. The variety was registered in 1994. The current acreage is around 200 ha with a production of 400 - 500 t. This variety was a part of a long trial and was tested together with many aroma varieties (Hal. Tradition, Cascade,.) and always won. Sladek is a foremost variety for the second hopping of lager type beers (with Saaz used for the last hop addition). Some breweries use it also for third hop addition in case of non-premium beers. The origin of Sladek is in Saaz aroma hops and therefore the content of beta acids is high and these make the character of bitterness very fine.

You can find more information in the Atlas of Czech hop varieties