Premiant Print
Hop resins
Total resins 21-25 % w.
Alpha-bitter acids 7-9 % w.
Beta-bitter acids 3-6 % w.
Cohumulone 19-23 % w.
Colupulone 40-45 % w.
Essential oils
Total oil 1,0-2,0 g/100 g
Myrcen 35�50 % rel.
2-undecanone 1,0-1,5 % rel.
Methyl-4-decenoate 1,0-2,0 % rel.
Beta-caryophyllene 7-11 % rel.
Alpha-humulene 25-35 % rel.
Beta-farnesene 0,5-3,0 % rel.
Selinenes 0,5-1,5 % rel.



Premiant - is characteristic by a higher alpha content and yield potential. Premiant was registered in 1996. The current acreage is around 200 ha with a production of 400 - 500 t. This variety was a part of a long trial. Premiant in its group mostly pushed out other varieties (Perle) and it is used in Czech breweries for the second hop addition. 50 % of its origin is Saaz fine aroma hops and has a low cohumulone content. It has positive effect on fine beer bitterness. According to our experience some breweries prefer to use Sladek and some Premiant - each variety has a unique character. Premiant has a neutral bitterness.

You can find more information in the Atlas of Czech hop varieties