Agnus Print
Hop resins
Total resins 27-31 % w.
Alpha-bitter acids 12-16 % w.
Beta-bitter acids 6-9 % w.
Cohumulone 32-38 % w.
Colupulone N/A % w.
Essential oils
Total oil 2,5-3,0 g/100 g
Myrcen N/A % rel.
2-undecanone N/A % rel.
Methyl-4-decenoate N/A % rel.
Beta-caryophyllene N/A % rel.
Alpha-humulene N/A % rel.
Beta-farnesene N/A % rel.
Selinenes N/A % rel.


Agnus - is characteristic by a high beta acids content (alpha/beta ratio is approx. 2,0 while most of other high alpha varieties in the world have this ration around 3,0). In genetic origin of Agnus is variety Sladek (therefore a high beta content) and also other good quality characteristics. Agnus is used by large Czech breweries. The brewing quality is comparable with other varieties (Magnum, Taurus, Columbus, Target) however from the brewing results it has a better effect on beer stability. Therefore this variety is used for export beers. The results of research tests show that this variety is suitable for extraction as well as processing into pellets and so not only for first hop addition but also for second hop addition (high beta acid content).

You can find more information in the Atlas of Czech hop varieties