CZECH HOP REPORT – 24th September 2009 Print

Traditionally like each year was edited international publication Český chmel – Czech hops. This publication has been officially published at fair Drinktec in Munich last week. As is well known by many studies and response on the world confirmed Czech hop is a sign of quality and finally superiority as evidence by both the czech hops districts by law No. 97/1996 and particular „Žatecký poloraný červeňák“ minutes to the list protected Designation of origin by Regulation No. 503/2007. This publication is published by the Ministry of Agiculure of Czech Republic in cooperation with the Hop Growers Union. Editor-in-chief is Mgr.Zdeněk Rosa, BA. that already the introduction captures the uniqueness of Czech hops and its rich history. Further, he deals with overview of information that reader can find.

Introductory speech to the publication contributed Minister of Agriculture Ing. Jakub Šebesta that highlighted importance quality and growing tradition of hops in Czech Republic. Further, his words summarized statistics hops variety and areas at our land.

Beer is, without a doubt significiant drink by czech man and czech hop is closely related with czech beer. The „České pivo“ was registered to the protected designation in year 2008. And under this autorization in addition to many other parameters focus on raw materials including the czech varieties. Ing. Jan Veselý deals with protected geographical indication (PGI) in this publication. Ing.Josef Patzak, PhD., from Hop Research Institute Co., Ltd. in Saaz introduced individual departments and their head employees. This record gives some insight about activity and importance of the work Hop Research Institute.

Scientific articles afforded Ing. Karel Krofta, PhD., Content of prenylated hop flavonoids in czech and foreign beers and Ing. Josef Ježek, Utilization of irrigation systems in hop growing.

Further publication content description czech variety of hops from authors Ing. Vladimír Nesvadba, PhD. and Ing. Karel Krofta, PhD. Description is including characteristic of varieties or content individual components.

From historical site (like importace part) Ing. Zdeněk Tempír, CSc. written articles called: The tradition of „Dočesná“ (Hop harvest festival) and further Antonín Mohl that like teacher, researcher and mainly the most significian hop grower its activity has helped raise the profile of the field.

It should be stressed that the Czech hops still maintains its uniqueness and quality even during extreme adverse climatic effects which are evidence of the harvest results of the last two years both in revenues and in the quality and content of alpha acids are above-average results of the last crop year . Information that the questions of the quality of Czech hops, depending on global warming is not authentic and not based on long-term follow facts and not based on concrete facts found in the long-range observation. Czech beer drinkers therefore does not need to worry about the future, that the Czech hop growers fail to deliver high-quality raw materials to produce high-quality Czech beer. Similarly, the foreign customer is always satisfied by the traditional quality Saaz hops. The quality of hops is evaluated not only for the content of alpha acids which is typical for aromatic and delicately flavored hops Czech variety hops are a group of aromatic varieties, and especially the variety Saaz is considered the best aromatic variety of the world due to its ratio of alpha and beta bitter acids, due to essential oil content, where the main feature this variety contains high levels of farnesene. For variety Saaz is also a high content of polyphenols, which have a many benefical health properties. Breweries, which bought Czech aromatic hops evaluate especially his exceptional sensory characteristics and its contribution to a balanced and pleasant bitterness of beer, which ensures high consumption.


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