Czech hop growers harvested 7772 metric tonnes

Central Institute for Supervising and Testing in Agriculture announced the final crop results.
In the Czech Republic, total hop crop 2010 reached 7771,7 metric tonnes (2009 – 6616; 2008 - 6759,2; 2007 – 5630,6) and yield 1,49 mt/ha (2009 – 1,25 mt/ha).

In the Saaz hop main growing region was total production 5620,4 mt ie. yield 1,47 mt/ha, in the Auscha growing region was 903,2 mt and 1,42 t/ha. In the Tirschitz hop growing was total 1248,1 mt i.e. yield 1,68  mt/ha.

These results almost have the highest character. Especially, the yield reached high level for this year. Current production increased about 1156 mt to opositte year. This year was characteristic as so variable concernig the weather. At the main point of vegetation was production influenced by rainfall. Just these fainfall was relatively high comapre with thirty average latitude. During vegetation was demaged 214 hectars of hop gardens and 10 hectars broken down closely befere harvest. At the same time this year was very difficult due to protection against diseases and pests like downy mildew (Pseudoperonospora humuli).

Saaz variety

The best world fine aroma variety – Saaz acconts fo the largest share of the Czech hop production with 84,5 %, 6568,5 t. There was 4860,06 t  harvested in the Saaz hop growing region, 770,55 t, harvested in the Auscha hop growing region and 937,90 t of Saaz variety harvested in the Tirschitz hop growing region.

Compare with the best year 2005 production decreased about 247, 5 t and compare with 2009 increased about 1173,3 of Saaz variety.

The acreage of the Saaz variety has decreased only since 2000 already by 1303 hectars, i.e. almost 20 percent. The hop growers have dealed so intensive to replacing new plants and sales of planting stock already increasing for five years according to Hop Research Institute in Žatec.

Other Czech varieties

The aroma variety Sladek performed well as in the last year and the total production reached 538,3 mt. The production of aroma variety Premiant was 502 mt and the production of the bitter variety Agnus was 127 metric tonnes. The yields for the last two years were not dramaticaly changed. Variety Sladek reached persistent yield.

Alpha acids contents

(December 10th 2010)

SAAZ variety          3,20 %
Sládek                    7,20 %    
Premiant                 9,30 %
Agnus                   11,00 %

Despite great results, it is not reason for celebrate. Worldwide situation and oversupply at hop industry, decreasing of breweries production and decreasing of hoppy dozes are so disappointingly.