Czech hop harvest is underway

The first hop growers started harvesting of their "green gold" during last weekend. The harvest of fine aroma hops will start for all during this week. The weather has had influence on growing of hops as previous year. Hops were mostly affected by frosts in February. Further months both May and June were very dry. In August, there are recorded high temperatures and rainfalls below long term average. Hop Growers Union officially released preliminary estimation of crop at open day event in Steknik week ago. At this moment estimated acreage is 4.371 hectars, including 47 hectars of low trellis. Crop 2012 is anticipated lower than previous year. Yield should reach long term average (1,1 t/ha). The first harvest of certificated organic hops especially organic Saaz will be realized. Thus czech hop growers are among ten producers of organic hop on the world. In the Czech Republic grow hops 127 farmers. More information will be provided at the beginning of September.