Preliminary 2016 crop results

September 13, 2016


CISTA (Central Institute for Supervising and Testing in Agriculture) released final hop acreage. Total area strung for harvest was 4.775 hectars. This is increase by 153 hectars compared to previous year. The acreage has been growing for the third year in a row. The highest percentage of total surface represents fine aroma variety Saaz (88 %). Other czech varieties have also been rising - Harmonie, Saaz Late or Kazbek (flavour hops). The growers invest not only in a new plantings but in harvesting facilities too.


The 2016 season was fluctuating in weather (dry spring, water enough in June, July). Hails damaged approx. 130 - 150 hectars in May and June. Total 23 hectars fell down for strong storm wind and many hop plants had/hills had to be strung back again. Growers faced to stronger pressure of hop diseases due to wet weather before harvest.


The harvest has started on 20th August and it is still ongoing. Preliminary results are estimated at least 6 thousands tons. All hops have not been weighed yet. Final crop results will be released at the end of November 2016.


The recent alpha analyses for Saaz show longterm average content in range 3,3 - 3,6 %. The alpha values will problably be better compared to previous three crops.


Wordwide position of Czech hop industry

The I.H.G.C. reported world acreage 54.614 hectars at the last meeting in July. Base on preharvest estimates of all members it could be harvested just about 100.568 tons of hops, incl. 9.612 tons of alpha.


The aroma varieties count almost 70 % of total world acreage. It was 50 % five years ago. The Czech Republic is the third biggest hop producer worldwide and the biggest producer of fine aroma hops at all.