Czech Embassy in DC hosted I.H.G.C. spring

meeting & special evening for beer and hops


The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Washington, DC in cooperation with Bohemia Hop a.s. and Hop Growers Union of the Czech Republic hosted the spring meeting of International Hop Growers Convention on April 9. The meeting was attended by 40 delegates from the Czech Republic, USA, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Slovenia, New Zealand etc. President of I.H.G.C. Mr. Leslie Roy appreciated hospitality of the Embassy. Summary report of Economic Committee was updated by 13 member countries. The merchant report also was presented. I.H.G.C. total hop acreage in 2016 crop after correction reached almost 55 thousands hectars, production almost 108 thousands tonnes. The hop area strung for harvest in 2017 are expected higher more than 3 thousands hectars compared to previous year.


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Delegates from Ministry of Agriculutre of the Czech Republic also joined the meeting. I.H.G.C. delegates exchanged their views on upcoming hop season. 


The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Washington, DC also hosted "Special evening for BEER and HOP experts" in their conference rooms on April 12. More than 100 participants (mostly brewers) received an overview about Czech Hop Growing and Hop Trade from Mr. Zdenek Rosa (chairman of Bohemia Hop, vice chairman of Hop Growers Union of the Czech Rep.) as well as crucial information about Czech Hop varieties from Dr. Patzak (Head of Hop Research Institute, Zatec). The event was also attended by other czech stakeholders (on hops, beer facilites etc.). Mr. Reeves, Head Brewer of Port City Brewing Company shared his experiences with Czech Hops in a beer. All participants could taste drought special lager brewed from Czech Hop varieties. There was a positive feedback among the participants.


Nevertheless, Pilsner Urquell lager kegs were emptied really fast at both events.


Hop Growers Union of the Czech Republic would like to thank the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Washington, DC, particulary ambassador Mr. Kmonicek and Mr. Hart, Head of the Economic Section, for their hospitality.


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Mr. Hart introduces the event and speakers


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Mr. Rosa and Dr. Patzak are giving their presentation on hops


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Czech hop varieties were presented at the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Washington, DC